Assets@Work is designed to both control and enable the asset requisitioning process. This begins by first distributing the function of asset requisitioning throughout your organization: managers can submit requests on behalf of their employees, and—for some assets—employees can submit their own requests.

Any number of forms may be required when requisitioning an asset. For example, when requisitioning a computer, a form may be required to specify what hardware is requested, while another form may be used to specify what software and versions are being requested. Some assets may require far less: a request for a uniform may only require quantity, size, and style. And some assets may not require any forms.

When requesting access to key business systems, such as accounting or financial software, the requisition process and associated forms may be used to provide justification for the level of access and also allow specification of the appropriate role and access rights required, making it easier and precise for the fulfilling employee to implement.

All requisition forms may require e-signatures for compliance purposes, and all records are stored as PDF forms.


Assets@Work Brochure