Assets@Work ensures that all your workers always have what they need to do their jobs while giving you perfect visibility into what assets all employees have in their possession. Managers and their workers are enabled to requisition (request) assets that they need, even before their start date. Requisitions are then stepped through an approval process that can be as simple or as complex as your business rules require. Once approved, a delivery task is assigned to the correct resources, and once delivered the employee can sign for receipt of the asset.

The key differences between Assets@Work and other asset tracking systems is the thoroughness of our approval, delivery, and receipt process, as well as our document and records features. Requisitions may require managers to sign and attest that the asset is truly required. Delivery may require the asset manager to fill in and sign off on details of the asset’s configuration, like model and license numbers. And asset receipt may require that the employee not only acknowledge they have possession of the asset but also require them to acknowledge the company’s policy on use of that asset.

Assets@Work enables the entire organization:

New employees are excited and gung-ho about their new job. Assets@Work helps them hit the ground running by making sure they have all they need to do their job on their start date.

Hiring managers know best what new employees need to do their jobs. Assets@Work enables them to start the process by submitting requests even well before their new employee starts.

Roles change and the assets employees need can also change. Assets@Work keeps your workforce productive by allowing employees to request what they need, even years after their start date.

Access to some assets must be controlled and limited. Assets@Work implements approval processes that can require multiple sign-offs by individuals, anyone in a defined role, or everyone in a defined role.

Management of computer assets is probably the most complex of asset processes. Assets@Work allows the IT support and fulfillment team to track all model, serial, and license numbers of both hardware and software.

Proper access to business systems and software involves understanding of access rights and user roles in many systems. Assets@Work allow IT security to be locked down from the request through delivery.

Assets@Work requires everyone participating in asset management processes to sign and acknowledge their responsibilities, from approvers to employees acknowledging receipt and accepting use of company equipment policies.

Whether purchasing or leasing assets, the procurement process is influenced by asset management and Assets@Work’s controlled process means less confusion for purchasing.

When employee’s roles change, managers can make sure the assets employee have and utilize are current and appropriate.

HR today is tasked with making sure the workforce is productive. That often begins and ends with whether employees have what they need to do their work. Assets@Work is the only tool designed specifically for HR to manage employee assets.

Some assets that Assets@Work can manage: access to business software, computers and laptops, cell phones and mobile devices, company cars, company credit and travel cards, consumable office supplies, desks, email addresses, medical equipment, network access, office furniture and chairs, offices and cubicles, QA tools, safety equipment, software, telephones, testing equipment, tools, training, uniforms, etc.

Some asset-related forms that Assets@Work can manage: accounting code assignment form, asset approval forms, asset request form, data privacy policy acknowledgement, IT equipment order form, IT help desk request, IT delivery request, IT recovery/recall request, IT computer configuration form, lease acknowledgement, new employee provisioning/request form, recall notification, receipt of company equipment acknowledgement, retirement notification, use of company equipment policy, use of company email policy, use of company computer equipment policy, etc.


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